TeleBrands Deluxe Doggy Steps

TeleBrands Deluxe Doggy StepsTeleBrands Deluxe Dog Steps

These are the dog stairs we picked up for meaty, because we preferred the sheep skin look. Not that its now the pillar of beauty or something, but to us its less of an eye sore. Also it seems to be more grippy then other models we looked at.

These dog steps are 18.5 tall and they only weight 3.5 lbs. There suggested for dogs up to 70lbs.

It has non stick pads on the bottom that work very well. Its not as easy to clean as other stairs, but our dog doesn’t mark things so this isn’t a concern for us.

Its one of the cheaper priced dog stairs on Amazon. As for durability and its fairly average by comparison I guess. Its a bit lower then most stairs, so I would be sure to double check thous measurements before ordering.

With all that said, it gets the job done and my dog likes them and they fetch a 4 star out of 5 star review on amazon.

TeleBrands Deluxe Doggy Steps