Apr 14

Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps

Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampStepsPet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps

These pet steps are amazing! They are made from eco-friendly bamboo.(Not sure how being bamboo makes something eco-friendly) Bamboo is great and all but this thing is like a transformer. It folds up its bottom legs so you can put it away, bit its stairs also fold down. So its a ramp and a set of pet steps. It weighs 28 lbs give or take a umph… They have two styles on is two steps and the other is three steps. The two step is 13″ high and the three steps is 19 1/2″. They are both are 17 1/2″ wide.

These dog steps are very stable. They are some sort of wood (pine/eco-friendly bamboo) so naturally they can hold a bit of weight. I stood on one briefly, but it didn’t trust it. So a 200 pound dog might wanna look into something a bit more sturdy. If you have a dog that weighs a bit less then 200lbs im sure you will be ok. The carpet is not that beautiful neutral tan color, it is in fact a slight pinkish color. But did I mention that its a freaking transformer and able to lay practically flat so you can slide this puppy under your bed for quick storage. Ive included a couple links to amazon for ya, so you can read some more reviews about them yourself.

Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps