Pet Stairs Material Guide

wood pet stairs golden retrieverPet Stairs Material Guide

There are alot of deciding factors when you purchase your first set of pet stairs. You might have a few concerns like will the pet stairs be sturdy enough for your pet or will they stick out like a sore thumb in you home. Ive decided to address the concerns plus some others in this article. Hopefully you will be ready to shop around.

Im sure you have already been looking around the internet for a set of pet stairs. As we both know there are three main core materials available on the internet and those are metal, plastic, and wood.

Plastic Pet Stairs

Plastic pet stairs are great of you have more then one location your pet needs access to. They are easy to move because there rather light weight. Their rather weather proof being plastic and tend to be the cheapest model. Sadly thou plastic pet stairs tend to come on a limited range of colors (tan). You also have to often assemble them yourself, they are also not the strongest material. So if you have a larger breed dog, plastic pet stairs might not be for you.

Metal Pet Stairs

Our next type of material I want to talk about is metal. Metal pet stairs are very sturdy and can hold alot of dog. Heck some people even use them if they cant reach a high area and need some stairs in a bind. The metal pet stairs are still rather lightweight, but not as much as plastic pet stairs. They are very durable and sturdy, I mean its metal. Anyways, alot of the metal pet stairs are collapsible and are great for storage. So if you need a set of pet stairs for the car, these would be great for you. Metal pet stairs also tend to be adjustable. So if you need a stair to fit a certain height, then metal might be right for you.

Wood Pet Stairs

The last style of pet stairs I want to talk about is wood. When I think of wood I think a more cosmetic, sturdy, durable and permanent pet stairs. What I mean is if you prefer something that is more cosmetically appealing then wood is for you. They also tend to be a more heavier material so they tend to be placed somewhere and that’s where they stay. But these bad boys can handle the largest of dogs or even two. Like all woods, they can be stained or painted to suit your color scheme. So you shouldn’t have any problems matching the interior of your house.

Just ask yourself before you go out and but the first set of pet stairs, what do you really want out of a set of pet stairs?