May 04

5 Useful Tips to Trim Dog Nails

Don’t know how to trim dog nails? Your hesitation is understandable. Trimming your dog’s nails can be tough for both your pet and you. Use these tips to make the entire procedure faster and simpler.

1. Trim nails more often if your pooch walks on cushioned surfaces.
While understanding the right way to cut your hound’s nails is vital, knowing when to trim dogs nails is just as important. Remember that your pet’s nails are constantly growing. So, how often they require trimming depends on the canine’s lifestyle. If your mutt usually walks frequently on grass, dirt, or sand, then you may have to do the cutting more frequently. That’s because these surfaces won’t wear down the tips of the hound’s nails naturally.

2. Trim nails less often if you mutt stays on hard surfaces.
On the other hand, if your pet is constantly walking on firm surfaces, then nail cutting is needed less.

3. Start clipping your pet’s nails while it’s still a puppy.
This is the ideal time to trim dogs nails. The earlier you start, the simpler it will be for the hound to become used to the trimming.

4. Give a reward before you begin clipping.
Before you begin trimming the nails of your pawed pal, gently grip and rub its paws. After your hound allows you to push gently against the middle of its paws, you should use praise to reward it.

5. Consider taking your canine to a veterinarian or groomer.
This is a helpful step if your pooch is completely unhelpful when you try to clip its nails. That’s because hounds can be quite cooperative when around complete strangers.

Cutting your pet’s nails doesn’t have to be headache. Following these helpful tips can make the procedure as easy as walking your dog in the park!

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