Dog Steps | Pet Stairs For Large Dogs

dog steps pet stairs for large dogDog Steps | Pet Stairs For Large Dogs

Finding the right size of pet stairs for large dogs can be very difficult. There are literally hundreds of selections out there. Everyone claims to have the best, but who really truly knows which one is? Lets talk thru a couple of pointers to help you along the way in your search for dog steps for large dogs.

Dog Steps Material

First off your going to need to select a type of material that can support your dog.  Most pet stairs are made from woods, plastics, metal and foams. Well since where shopping for pet stairs for large dogs, we would then rule out plastics and foams. The best bet would be to purchase a nice wood or metal.

A nice set of wood dog steps for large dogs has certain advantages that metals dont have. First off they just look nicer. You can often stain them a certain color to match furniture. But there heavy and they are not very mobile. Its usually one of thous set it there and now it stays there things. But they also come with cabinets in the stairs sometimes. Which is a great place to keep dog toys or doggy treats.

Metal pet stairs are great because they tend to be light weight. They are very mobile and some have a feature where they can be folded up. They are great for more then just the house, since they can be folded up, their perfect for the car. Be sure to read that box thou, cause some of the stairs cant hold the weight required for your large breed dog.

Read That Label

I mean just what the title says. Make sure you read that label. Some dog steps for large breeds just cant hold up the weight you need for your dog. Also the pet stairs will tell you the size of the stairs in its entirety. It would be a shame you pick a set of pet stairs that just dont plain fill the gap you need it to. Also, the label says how wide the steps are and how tall. Of course you need to pick a set of stairs wide enough for your dog. Also I would check to make sure they had some sort of traction device, so they don’t slip around.

Whats Every One Else Saying?

Well you’ve heard my advice on pet stairs for large dogs, but what is everyone else saying? Well go ahead and check, here is a link to Amazon. Why Amazon you say? Well because there are real people telling real stories about the products you need or want to buy. I mean sure  can go to a pet store and ask the sales rep which one is best, and he will probably point you to the most expensive one. Or worse, he simply might not know anything about them and BS and answer to you. Well thats why I like Amazon, there is no pressure to buy and I can read all the reviews I want. Plus its a real name brand store/website not some fly by night web site that Ive never heard of.

On a final note, if you cant decide on what pet stairs to get. Why not get both? I mean your going to need them right? Set the wood stairs up in the bedroom and stick the metal out in the car. There you go done and done.

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