How to pick the correct sized Dog Stairs?

How to pick the correct sized Dog Stairs?

How much does your dog weight?Meaty Skeleton Picture

Your dog’s weight is probably the number one factor in picking dog stairs. There are plenty of dog stairs out there but not all of them are created equal. I strongly suggest you weight your dog one way or another so you have an idea on what your needing. Here’s a tip on how to weigh your dog. First weigh yourself on a human scale, then just re-weigh yourself while holding your dog. Take the first weight out of the second weight and viola you have your dogs weight.

How tall/long is your dog?

The height and length of your dog have play into how safe dog stairs will be for your dog. I suggest reading the measurements of the stairs very thoroughly. Can you image trying to lead your Great Dane up some steps ment for a Yorgie? I don’t think it would work out very well. Your pooch could end up stumbling or falling off the stairs resulting in a injury or even fear of dog stairs. Its probably just about impossible for people to measure the exact stride of our dogs. Well, unless we where a vet. You could either go by this chart from below ive prepared for you or you could check with your vet.

  • Large Breed: 16″ Steps or Larger
  • Medium Breed: 14″ Steps
  • Small Breed: 12″ or Smaller

What will fido be using the dog stairs for?

Again, this is an very important thought as well. I mean certain situations could call for different height or styled dog stairs. If your dog is needing to reach your super high pillow top,extremely soft elegant bed throne on top of mountain high in the galaxy of extremely high towering beds. Then maybe, just maybe you ought to think about purchasing a set of dog stairs a little higher then the normal. But if you have a normal sized bed, then average height stairs would suffice for you. But to be sure I would just double check the height of your bed.

Keep In Mind

Also one thing to keep in mind when selecting any dog stairs, besides the obvious cosmetic appeal, is the surface they will be sitting on. If your on hard wood floors, and your dog stairs don’t have non slick pads or something that similar, you might want to buy a rug or something to keep the dog stairs from shooting out from under your dog.